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PPE protection your staff and customers…


Providing supplies and services to businesses all over Canada. EcoGen 365 Solutions is a locally owned janitorial supply and cleaning company that focuses on keeping your businesses stocked and clean through anything.

Our Main Goal:

We believe that our customers’ needs are what matter most. Our first goal is to understand the challenges that our clients are facing in order to provide the best possible service for their business.

We help you to better manage: Budget Restrictions, Improving Safety and reducing health risks for Employees and Customers

PPE protection

50 Pack




10 Pack

KN95 Masks



100 Pack

Nitrile Gloves



Hand Sanitizer

Gel Bottle 725ml





4 Litres


Hand Sanitizer

Gel Pump

(Sanitizer sold separately)

$1.50 per pump

Hand Sanitizer

Dispenser and Stand


Spray Bottles 740ml

(with concentrate)


Spray Bottles 740ml

(without concentrate)


Disinfectant Wipes

160 Wipes


 Certainty Wipes

3000 Wipes (2x 1500 Rolls)


 Automatic Dispenser



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